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About Us

We are a specialist claims management company that matches potential clients to legal professionals and market leading service providers. We are not a law firm.

We always look to recommend a suitably qualified and experienced firm of solicitors by criteria that we discuss with you prior to recommending a solicitor to you. All of our panel of legal advisors undergo regular assessment of their services to ensure only the best remain on our panel. We have solicitors across England, Wales and Scotland.

At One-Stop-Law  we recognise that every Personal Injury claim is different. We are passionate in ensuring that every Personal Injury claim that we accept is actively pursued to the highest professional standards. That is why we only select the best legal professionals to represent our customers. We ensure that the legal professional we appoint to represent you is appropriately qualified and experienced to deal with your claim.

We recognise that one size does not fit all so we work closely with you to find a representative that matches your requirements whether that be by gender, geographical location, communication method or particular claim type expertise etc. At One-Stop-Law we believe that the end result is the true test of our service and not how fancy our marketing is. With over 20 years industry experience across the team we know Claims. .

How We Get Paid

We are paid by the specialist personal injury solicitors who we work with because we promote their work through the service we offer.

Our service is free and advisory – it costs you nothing. We take no payment for connecting you with the right personal injury solicitor for your case.

Our solicitor firms will charge a fee if your claim is successful. This will be paid as a percentage from the amount of compensation you receive, and will have been agreed beforehand.

Personal Injury Work

At One-Stop-Law we believe that the monetary award for compensation is only one aspect of a case. Whatever the incident the stress, suffering and inconvenience of being injured can cause a feeling of injustice. All of our legal professionals understand this and will fight your corner to provide you with the means of redress that provides you with both satisfaction and the right level of compensation. We also believe that you should be provided with the right medical/ rehabilitative treatment at the outset in order to set you on the road to recovery.

Our ethos is that Compensation is Your Right and not a Privilege.

By recommending our legal panel to our client's, we save our panel firms both marketing charges and administration costs therefore saving them time and money. We fully comply with the appropriate codes operated by the Solicitors Regulation Authority and the Ministry of Justice in respect of Introductions and Referrals.

We also offer market leading solutions in respect of vehicle repairs through our approved network of repairers and are able to arrange a replacement car whilst your vehicle is off the road,

By utilising our  non fault service we can assist you in protecting your valuable no claims bonus and ensuring you do not have to pay an excess to have your vehicle repaired.

"Thank You! My Insurance Company wouldn't help due to my son driving without valid insurance and I was advised that there was nothing I could do. You took on my claim and helped me every step of the way. As a result of the work that you did I recovered my losses in full and received an additional £1295. You also recovered Personal Injury Compensation for my wife and son. You did all this and never charged us a penny!!"

Geoffery WNuneaton