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Do I have a Claim?

Any Individual who has suffered a personal Injury as a result of an accident that was not wholly their fault may be entitled to compensation for their injuries and any other associated losses. A claim will be lodged with the at fault party's insurance company.

It is a relatively simple matter to decide whether an individual has a claim for compensation.

We will review the circumstances of your claim and advise you whether on the balance of probabilities you will win

If you are either completely not at fault for the accident or only partially responsible for the accident we will be able to assist you in claiming compensation.

Once we have established who was at fault for the accident we will recommend one of our panel of solicitors to you to act on your behalf. If you choose to accept our recommendation we will transfer you by telephone to the solicitor we have recommended.

Your Solicitor will then take the details of the claim from you and review the details and if they agree that the case has reasonable prospects of success agree to act for you. The solicitor will then instigate a claim against the responsible party.

In the event of road traffic accident

We will arrange for a replacement vehicle to be provided to you whilst your vehicle is off the road  and for your vehicle to be taken to one of our approved repairers to be repaired.

If your vehicle is damaged beyond economical repair we will arrange for your vehicle to be uplifted to a secure storage compound whilst your vehicle is assessed for valuation purposes.

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"Thank You! My Insurance Company wouldn't help due to my son driving without valid insurance and I was advised that there was nothing I could do. You took on my claim and helped me every step of the way. As a result of the work that you did I recovered my losses in full and received an additional £1295. You also recovered Personal Injury Compensation for my wife and son. You did all this and never charged us a penny!!"

Geoffery WNuneaton